We are proud to say that the Waterford section of the Clinton Watershed is becoming known to be one of the most beautifully maintained sections of the entire Clinton River. This is due in part to the great many groups and conscientious citizens that organize cleanups in different areas throughout the year.

 The "Heart of Oak" Fest promoters and activity directors are involved as well, in maintaining not only the river, but the RiverWalk itself by removing terrible blight along the river and boardwalk to in-turn make Waterford's RiverWalk one of Waterford's hidden gems and We invite you to see it's beauty up close and personal at
the "Heart of Oak" Fest
August 26th - 27th

 Bring your shorts and a towel and check them in at our convenient Command Center with secured changing rooms and Take one of our sponsored watercrafts or kayaks out on the Clinton River  

The "Heart of Oak" Fest 2023,
would like to thank
"The RIVER DESCENDANT'S KAYAK GROUP" and other participating Community Members for working so hard to keep our Section of the CLINTON RIVER
Beautiful, Clean, and healthy.

  The "Heart of Oak Fest" 
runs adjacent to the Clinton River where it intersects Highland Road ( M-59 )
-all along the Waterford RiverWalk-
this property is the exact geological center of Oakland County and is
"Oaklands most centralized Event,"
and "finish line" for both our 5K and 1K Kids FunRun designed foot races.
[ Seeking sponsors now ] 

 the Waterford RiverWalk and Clinton River passes under Highland Road
in the 5172 block
of Highland Road
-2 blocks west of Crescent Lake Road-
Waterford, Mi.

4TH WEEKEND of AUGUST 26th-27th, 2023 

 "We're gonna have a ball

              All 'Round the Riverside"

Our RiverWalk features some of the most beautiful sections of the Clinton River to Explore

     Come an' hear the sounds... 

                                 ...These Blues won't bring ya' down!