" ART "


The Festival had many past murals donated by Dare to Inspire Community Arts Inc 501 3C and friends when the event was called:
Dare to Inspire RiverWalk Fest from 2014-2019

DTI's very first Waterford RiverWalk Mural 2014:


More mural art coordinated By:
Dare to Inspire Community Arts
501 3C - in 2017

new Mural Art 2018

"Ready-to-go" footraces, already designed back in 2019 for outside Sponsors to raise money for their community cause to coincide with our great event

The "Heart of Oak" Fest will again provide similar
"Mobile LiveArt Panels" and new permanent art installation to the underpass at future annual events.

with focus on local and regional artists, but as well has had Artist from New York, Florida, and the Upper Peninsula spotlighting their talent in the past. It is our goal to seek out well-known and also local artists to be featured, in online media, local news stations, art showings, and paper media.

This year we have all new goals, new areas, and new vendors throughout the event for all to learn about. 

Those participating with artwork will help fund, selected artists with sales of their art produced live, (elevated by our publicity brought through touring their work) but also elevating their names with garnered press as we help raise awareness of their chosen medium to heighten popularity and demand for their work.

 This year, artists will be chosen for future exposure in Local business and in municipal buildings for during important events.

This all brings new recognition for these great aspiring artists and helps bring public awareness to their work that increases the value and demand for their art. 

Select winners will be chosen to help design future murals as part of new upcoming installations and future winners can participate in the annual mural to present their styles right on the walls in the "H.U.B." for the
"Heart of Oak" FEST - 2024

  Help us spotlight young upcoming talent right here in your community by contributing to our cause for needed paint and supplies TODAY!

Featured Artists of 2019:
Matthew Blake Hutfloetz,




 2017's Feature Vendor Was: Michelle Thibodeau

This year's festival will again promote cultural arts, commerce, and further continue to unify our community with beautification projects for the future, by eliminating blight, and by promoting higher education with our new programs for upcoming and talented new artists

Our Organization is committed to form relationships with non-profits to help collaborate in Joint Fundraising.

our goal is to examine the cultures of your cause and help you pair with other
like-minded groups and
like-minded cultures, in existing mutual benefiting events (or help create new events from scratch) that make sense for all involved.

Through our new strong relationship building efforts, our group has been able to expand to be recognized in our community, schools in White Lake, Clarkston, Pontiac, and surrounding cities as a trusted source for bringing common ideologies together that actualize common goals.

previous and current members have hosted great seasonal events monthly and bi-monthly including many free community activities for children and adults near you and were frequently invited to interact in surrounding school districts to teach cultural arts, healthy living, life skills & leadership, and confidence through self-expression to youth abroad.

 Members not only stocked materials for our FREE seasonal Art based events and tutorials, but as well provided FREE art supplies for our art camp kids (through collaborative/shared grant funding and generous community donations)

These FREE art supplies for the children were gifted to them to keep and use for school and as well to take home.

   These professional instructors strive to make it the mission to present positive adult role-models with important messages for "at-risk" aged kids about addiction, healthy living, emotional well being, and confidence building through nurturing environments with positive examples of self-expression from our members.

the "Heart of Oak" Fest asks for your continued support with this; our member & community funded pilot program:
the annual
"Heart of Oak Fest"
(Currently NOT grant funded)

Come join us August 26th - 27th, 2023 and celebration with all our volunteers and members and many invited community minded groups for our two-day event and new expanded footprint.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to continue our fight against blight and our mission to seek out the most impacting opportunities in your communities that will turn the worst perceived "negatives" into your communities greatest new "positive inspirations." we are designed to re-purposed "hope" right here
where you live.  

Ask us how you can join the
"Movement for Improvement"
with a concept we call: " 'Cause-Way"

"Creating Traditions Today"

The 7th Annual
"Heart of Oak" Fest
AUGUST 26TH - 27TH, 2023

And also contact us here:

  For info or questions on Vending/Sponsorship opportunities you can also call Matt McClure
248.979-0996 (office)