" WALK "

Our fest, hosts it's "Main Stage"
in the "Main Pavilion" in the south section of Waterford's Beautiful RiverWalk.
This Pavilion offers great opportunity for outside events and social gatherings directly connected to Waterford's Riverwalk, weaving its way behind Buffalo Wild Wings along the Clinton,
in the very Heart of Waterford and exact center of
Oakland County.

Unlike many other trails and bikeways, Waterford's unique winding walking path does not just follow a conventional abandoned "Railroad" route like so many you see in other communities that offer a "straight shot visual" with a predictable "vanishing point."

 The distinctly different beauty of the "Waterford RiverWalk" is in its
natural "curves" that follow all the interesting features of the vibrant and winding Clinton. This creates ever-changing landmarks and points of interest like its Underpass & Mural, and wooden boardwalk and bridges that tke you to the other side views from both sides and high above the Water.

One of these featured Landmark "Destinations" is donated by:
Dare to Inspire Community Arts Inc
501 3C
The *LiveArt* mural installation under Highland Road featuring inspired work by new artists each time we provide new renovations as an intended invitation to come back again and again.

 This is all part of DTI's RiverWalk Festival donation gifted to the citizens of Waterford to highlight and that supports new upcoming Musicians, artisans, businesses and local non-profits doing good-deeds in our community.

Each renovated Mural design spans over 6,500 square feet of interior wall space and gets changed periodically within
the Highland Underpass and Boardwalk
underneath the 4 high-speed lanes of traffic in Highland Roadd (M-59) in the very center or the RiverWalk Walkway along the Clinton.

We like to call it "the 

Waterford's RiverWalk is tied directly to the will of Nature, so when you find your way to our little hidden gem, you will feel like you have stepped out of the congestion and noise of big towns and into peaceful sounds of nature under and away from all the hussle and bussle of the busy world.

Our RiverWalk is "Uniquely Waterford" and many parts of our Clinton River experience feel tucked back into nature, just like the rivers you find up north...

...right in

- August 26th & 27th 2023 -

...Dare To Inspire

The history, revival, and our commitment to promoting Waterford's newly thriving RiverWalk and Mural Renovation Project


Another Ribbon was cut by township representatives with participating business owners that donated part of their own land for the RiverWalk easement and we celebrated the new boardwalk at the second RiverWalk Fest 2015

Previous and current members of the "DTI" contributed time and donations for each commemorated mural 2014-2019 until covid made it restricted to host the event.

 The Township has now reinvigorated efforts to finally finish the third phase of the Projected plans started in the mid 90s and began again in 2015.

 This was the second of two more ribbon cutting events to follow with our group helping to host the commemoration along with many DTI artists and Waterford community activists commiting to our continued efforts to help provide creative services, innovations, and leadership -

"Creating Traditions Today"
in your community.

our group takes on and seeks out the very worst examples of stains in communities such as blight, by renovating areas and replacing ungliness with positive, recognizable, community landmarks that promote new grass-roots community led projects - at little to zero cost to our communities tax payers.

our members and the organization promotes those that promote good deed-doers in our communities.